Admission Policy & Procedure

Admission Policy & PROCEDURE

MSV Public School has an admission policy that is inclusive, accepting students across the ability range. All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can provide an educational program that can meet their particular needs. The child will be attending an entrance test either in a written or an oral interview. It is mandatory to clear the entrance test, only then the child is eligible for taking up admission.

We invite families to visit us and share in the MSV experience. Do get in touch with our Admissions Office via email or through our whatsapp numbers for details.

Registration Process

Keep the documents Ready
1. Photocopy of original Birth Certificate.
2. Photocopy of Aadhar Card - Child & Parent.
3. Passport size photograph - 4.
4. Passport size photograph of Parent.
NOTE : Transfer Certificate must be submitted to the school within 1st of JUNE if applicable.
Application 23-24 p1
Online / Offline Application
Fill an application
Entrance Test & Interview
We will test your child's academic proficiency as part of the admission process. The entrance exam will assess their understanding of subjects they studied last year. The exam will be either oral or written based on their discipline and achievements. Please prepare your child for the exam, which will provide insight into their academic potential. Our school is committed to academic excellence and creating a well-rounded learning environment for all students.
Paying Tuition Fees
To ensure participation in evaluations and exams, it is crucial to know the fee structure. Our school's fees are based on the affordability of the location but may be adjusted as we improve facilities. We offer a dependable fee structure for quality education that compares favorably to others in the area. Please contact the school office for more information and complete admissions promptly. After payment, please share the account statement, UTR number, student's name, and class via WhatsApp or email.
Opting for Transport
Protect your child during their daily commute to school by using the school transport system. With a trained staff and drivers, your child will be picked up and dropped off on time and at the right location every day. This service also helps to reduce traffic on the roads, making it safer for everyone. Give yourself and your child peace of mind - choose the school transport system.
Pick up school supplies
Prepare for the school year by gathering and protecting all necessary materials, such as textbooks and notebooks, with book covers. This will help ensure academic success throughout the year.
Download & Install our mobile app
"Our school management software is available as a mobile app on both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. It helps to monitor a child's learning progress and the school's growth. The modules included are the diary, concerns, finance, and many more. Please download and install it on your mobile device, log in, and start using it. To find it on the App Store, type 'MCB Parent Portal'. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates."
Start Learning
Starting to learn from the first day of school is highly recommended for academic success. Students should be attentive, take notes, ask questions, and review coursework regularly. This sets the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and a deep understanding of the subjects being studied. Early learning also helps students identify areas of struggle, giving them more time to improve and seek out extra help if needed. In short, it's imperative to start learning from day one to achieve academic excellence.
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